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My Lunch at Camelot Show Bar: The Jerk Chicken

The first decision you have to make at Camelot Show Bar is the same one you have to make at any restaurant, even the ones without naked women dancing on a stage: What do you want to drink? It's the question that the tall blonde in the skimpy bikini underwear has just put to me. The [...]

My Lunch at Camelot Show Bar: The Tape Worm Incident

I figured I had made it through the hardest part of this assignment when I actually took a deep breath and walked into Camelot Show Bar on M Street NW. I mean, just to duck under the Camelot canopy that juts onto the sidewalk like a giant canary penis, I had to saunter past the office workers standing [...]

Rap Sex Euphemism: “Make It Rain,” Explained

When I first compiled my top-ten sexual euphemisms from rap songs, a few listeners weren't convinced that all these mainstream rap ditties had such dirty double-meanings. "This is terribly researched," wrote commenter Hocus Focus, who took umbrage at my suggestion that there may be an underlying ejaculation message in the popular strip-club refrain "make [...]

Calling All Strip Clubs

Boy, is it hard to get a stripper to take your phone call. I've called a lot of strip clubs in my day, and it's always the same: You call. You get a grainy message listing off the names of the strippers you can see that evening. You're told to call another number to get [...]

J.P.’s Strip Club Finally Consumed By Flames, Prudes

The final chapter has closed on the saga of J.P.'s Night Club, the embattled Glover Park strip club that burst into flames last year. According to DCMud, shit's gettin' razed:
The District's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs has consented to a raze order filed in October by the owners of Glover Park's gentlemen's dance venue, [...]