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On Chivalry and Internalized Misogyny

Yesterday, the c-word—chivalry—arose in the comments section of this blog, in the context of the outdated gender code's unfairness to men. Ah, chivalry: That old code of behavior that men must follow in order to protect the "honor" of women they know. Through chivalry, a woman's honor becomes a man's responsibility; her honor brings honor [...]

The Morning After: $10 Lap Dance Edition

* On Tiger Beatdown, things you can learn from a $10 lapdance: The perfect performance of femininity is priceless. And by priceless I mean almost worthless:

D.C. Strip Club Promises Its Strippers Some Really Pretty Walls to Stare At

Introducing Stadium Club, the District's first foray into the world of upscale stripping. What turns a regular old strip club into a classy strip club? If Stadium Club's Web site is any indication, true class can be achieved by offering an array of bizarre amenities in addition to the requisite naked women. And so, when [...]

The Washington Post Parade of Stripper Jokes

Today, the Washington Post published a story about Quansa Thompson, a local exotic dancer who has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against her former place of employment, Georgia Ave. strip club The House. Thompson is suing over a widespread problem in adult nightclubs—that owners illegally treat their nightly dancers like independent contractors [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Mistresses, And the Cheaters Who Hate Them Edition

In ye olden times, the kept woman enjoyed a high social status, so long as she did not endeavor unto the dark arts of pornographie and erotic dancing.
Mistresses! Whenever a public figure takes one as a secret lover, Society at Large is obligated to publicly shame this woman for her untoward behavior. But just [...]

City Paper‘s Best of D.C. Poll: Get Your Sex Preferences On

The Washington City Paper's Best Of D.C. reader's poll debuts today, and we're inviting District residents to file their favorites in the worlds of food, drink, shopping—and, of course, the commercialized end of sex. Need some inspiration? Let's revisit some ghosts of Sexist past for possible nominees in the poll's sex-related categories, from Best Strip [...]

Stripping Through the Snow

The federal government may still be reeling from Saturday's 16-inch snowfall, but the dancers at Virginia strip club Crystal City Restaurant have been stripping all the way through the snowstorm.

Depressing Feminist Economics Lessons: Unsafe Abortions and Underpaid Strippers

I'm not much of an expert in feminist economics—I count on my fingers—but I can appreciate a visually interesting, sufficiently dumbed-down lady-graph when it comes my way. This week, my foray into quantitative analysis of feminist issues left me kinda down. Behold, graphical representations of Bad News in abortion and stripping:
Depressing Feminist Graph #1:

My Dinner at Crystal City Restaurant: The World’s Thinnest Strip Steak

The wait for dinner at Crystal City Restaurant was nowhere near as painful as it was this afternoon at the Camelot Show Bar. I'm hard-pressed to explain why. It may be because the women weren't fully nude at CCR. It may be because the women didn't try to suck up as hard to you at CCR. It [...]

My Dinner at Crystal City Restaurant: A Bit of Vegas in Arlington

Crystal City Restaurant came highly recommended by an hospitality biz insider who's been known to date a stripper or two. He told me that CCR — as it's known among the regulars — has a good reputation for serving solid steaks along with its carousel of flesh on two stages.
The place looks rather harmless from [...]