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NOM to Bring Mandatory Heterosexuality Bus Tour to D.C.

This summer, the National Organization for Marriage is launching its "Summer For Marriage" bus tour, a 22-stop jaunt around the Eastern united states in the interest of drumming up support for straight marriage. The tour's motto: "ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN." Does anyone else get the jeebies looking at that graphic? I'm always amazed at how [...]

Who Did Elena Kagan Take To Prom, and Other Exercises in Heterosexism

Andrew Sullivan wants to know, once and for all, if Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is gay. He writes:

Straights: Gays Are Looking for You!

According to the Washington Blade, the D.C. Council has urged the Mayor's Office of GLBT Affairs to include "the 'broader community" in "meetings it hosts for gay activists in each of the city's eight wards." Straight people, that means you!
In a Council hearing on Monday, all Council members present agreed that GLBT affairs director Christopher [...]

Ted Haggard Doesn’t Like Labels

Ted Haggard, the evangelical minister of Colorado Springs' New Life Church who was outed in 2006 as the client of a male prostitute, doesn't believe in labels. "I think of myself as a heterosexual but with issues," Haggard said in an interview. "Those labels just don't work, and from the research, they don't work for [...]