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Prison Rape and the Problem With Statistics

In a recent Sexist thread, a couple of commenters got to arguing a grim set of statistics. The question at hand: Which group experiences more rapes, men in prison or women outside of prison?
In order to resolve this question, one commenter referred to the "Prison Rape" Wikipedia page, which reads: "Stop Prisoner Rape, Inc. [...]

12 Gene Weingarten Readers Are Serial Gropers

This week, Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten took a "deeply respectful" but skeptical eye to the Sexist's ongoing groping series. "Basically, the column seemed to divide the world into two types of people: 1) Women, and 2) Gropers," Weingarten said of the sexual assault stories. "I believe I have never groped a woman who [...]

How Many Women Are Raped in D.C. Every Year?

According to a report from the Metropolitan Police Department, reported rapes in Washington, D.C. have remained pretty constant over the past three years:
Reported rapes in 2006: 182
Reported rapes in 2007: 192
Reported rapes in 2008: 186
But how many rapes actually occurred in the District last year? It's impossible to say.

Anti-Gay Crimes Up in 2007

Though hate crimes decreased on the whole in 2007, the FBI reports that the year saw a marked increase in violence against gays. Hate crimes decreased by 1 percent; crimes against gays increased by six.
So are anti-gay crimes on the rise? Or are they just being tracked and recorded better?