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Protecting LGBT Victims of Domestic Violence

Tomorrow, the D.C. Council will hold a public hearing [PDF] on the "Protecting Victims of Crime Amendment Act of 2010." The legislation would amend the D.C. Human Rights Act to "protect victims and family members of victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and stalking against discrimination by employers." Tomorrow, Rainbow Response Coalition co-chair Amy Loudermilk [...]

Street Harassment Bystander Whipped With a Belt for Intervening

Today on Holla Back DC!, a bystander witnessed a man harassing and stalking a woman on the street in Mount Pleasant, and decided to step in. After a confrontation, the bystander walked away with bruises courtesy of the harasser's belt. Here's the story:

UMD’s New Sexual Assault Education Program Draws Some Early Skepticism

The University of Maryland has begun planning a "mandatory sexual assault prevention education program" for the upcoming school year. The details of the program are still in the works, but UMD student newspaper the Diamondback is already skeptical.

“I’m Claimed By This Pervert”: One Woman Who Reported Her Grope

Emily Ruskowski isn’t thinking of much as she sits on a concrete bench at the Foggy Bottom Metro stop on a late-summer night in 2009. In a station crowded with loitering commuters, one man makes his presence known. He’s tall, young, dressed professionally in a blue button-down and black slacks, not bad looking, actually. He [...]

Last Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Last week on the Sexist:
1. Meghan McCain Schooled, Spanked, Murdered: Political Debate or Snuff Porn?, because Paul Begala BDSM is not what I'd prefer to conjure up with my morning news.

2. 5C Commissioner Gigi Ransom Censured Over "Potential Hate Crime", because local politics can get a little too personal.

3. The Ten Creepiest Paul Rudd Stalking [...]

The 10 Creepiest Paul Rudd Stalking Tweets!

Speaking of creepy things to do: Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Reese Witherspoon are reportedly filming in Adams Morgan today until 1:30. I don't have time to go stalk Paul Rudd, so instead I'm stalking people stalking Paul Rudd on twitter. And repeatedly watching this Paul Rudd dancing compilation (above).
The top ten creepiest Paul Rudd [...]

George Clooney: Stop Fucking With Me

Okay, Cloon. First, you don't show at Milano. Then, you hit the Newseum without so much as a text message. Now, I have to learn from TMZ, of all places, that you've been coming to Washington to hang with Barack Obama? Ditch the loser, Clooney. My twin-sized second-hand Ikea mattress—luxuriously situated directly on the floor [...]

Howard Stalker Case Could Go To Supreme Court

Howard University law professor Dawn Martin filed a suit against her former employer after her complaints of being stalked on campus fell on deaf ears—and resulted in her firing, she says. Later this month, the Supreme Court will decide whether it will hear the case. (In March of this year, the U.S. Court of [...]