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Who Qualifies as a Homophobe?

I noted Tiger Beatdown's "Visions of Manliness" series in today's Sexist Beatdown, but I wanted to highlight a particular post in the series because (a) "Visions of Manliness"? How can I say no? and (b) VOM guest-blogger B. Michael Payne made a really interesting point about who qualifies as a homophobe in our culture and [...]

Should We Remember Mike Penner or Christine Daniels?

Mike Penner, then presenting as Christine Daniels, with Autumn Sandeen
On Saturday, Nov. 28, Los Angeles Times sportswriter Mike Penner was found dead in his Los Angeles home, the victim of an apparent suicide. Penner had been covering the sports beat for the LA Times since 1983. But the writer's public profile skyrocketed in April of [...]

Alex Rodriguez’ Amazing 1997 Beefcake Photo Shoot

Sorry I haven't been posting much today, but I've been mesmerized by this amazing photo of Derek Jeter all afternoon.
Remember 1997? Bill Clinton had just begun his second term in office, Titanic was a hit at the box office, and the nation's five most famous shortstops got together to lay around and pose topless—save for [...]

Grime Scenes: 3251 Prospect Street NW, Where the ‘Boy on the Hood’ Incident Was Birthed

This city has never had a party gal like Marlene Cooke, aka Marlene Ramallo Chalmers Cooke Something Something etc.
In the fall of 1993, the former First Lady of Football was the talk of the town, even moreso than her sugar-daddy husband's Washington Redskins.
After a night of wine drinking at Cafe Milano, while 80-something hubby Jack [...]

Grime Scenes: Guys You Probably Shouldn’t Have Met in a Dark Alley

Perhaps the best hockey team this town ever saw blew up because of what went down in this Georgetown alley.
The 1989-1990 Washington Capitals roster was a great mix of past, current and future stars. The squad made it all the way to the conference finals, before losing to Boston. That was by far the best [...]

Mystics KissCam Would Be Too Gay

The slippery slope of KissCam pair-ups
The Washington Post's Mike Wise has an interesting column today on the culture clash between the two biggest fan bases for local WNBA team the Washington Mystics: daddy-daughter pairs and lesbian couples. One casualty of the perceived rift between the "family values" seat-fillers and the same-sex set? The KissCam.
The [...]

Washington Post Launches Its “Sports Page for Women”

In March, the Washington Post announced that it would be expanding its wedding coverage in the paper. "Style is seeking a reporter to help launch a new feature covering local weddings," read the memo. The new section, the memo explained, would be balancing a major gender inequality in WaPo's pages—it would serve as "the Sports [...]

Even Sexy Lady Football Players Get Sexy Lady Cheerleaders

Via Feministing comes news of the new "True Fantasy Football" league, a professional football organization that is currently recruiting sexy-yet-sturdy ladies to suit up in mouth-guards and panties in the "Lingerie Football League." The league is comprised of ten teams across the country, with names like the "Seattle Mist" to the "Miami Caliente."