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Kiely Williams Claims The Rapetastic “Spectacular” Is A Public Service Announcement

Kiely Williams, whose new song "Spectacular" has her extolling the erotic benefits of guys having totally spectacular "sex" with her while she is passed out, has added a disclaimer to the video on YouTube. In the note, Williams explains that she was simply playing a role in order to raise awareness of a serious issue [...]

Kiely Williams, Girls Gone Wild, and Eroticizing Drunk Sex

Last year, a feminine hygiene company found that 50 percent of British women surveyed prefer having sex while drunk. And 6 percent of respondents have exclusively had sex while drunk. The armchair psychoanalysis employed to interpret these results didn't determine whether women actually enjoy drunk sex better than sober sex, or whether getting drunk [...]

Date Rape Anthem: Kiely Williams’ “Spectacular”

Date Rape Anthem: The parade of female-sung Date Rape Jams continues. Kiely Williams' "Spectacular," a song about getting wasted, passing out, and having the most incredible sex of your life!