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The Morning After: “Does That Make Me Queer?” Edition

* Via Sociological Images, a recent Marie Claire fashion shoot declares that "nude is the new black." Except that by "nude," they mean "the color white people are." White people are the new black. It's science.

The Morning After: Battle Cry of the Menaissance Edition

* Sociological Images takes a ride on the way-back machine to examine the men's magazines of yore . . . you know, back when men were men. Tip via Jess, who was particularly fond of Battle Cry (above).

The Morning After: Why Women Hate McMansions and Love Soft Pillows Edition

What women want.
* I am in love with Kerry Howley's book review of Paco Underhill's "What Women Want"—an examination of the consumer behavior of what Underhill terms "the female of the species" of humans. Marry me, Kerry Howley's book review:

The Morning After: Living Large, Penis Style Edition

* Andrea Plaid takes on Trojan's new hip-hop centered Magnum condom campaign, "Magnum Live Large," and how it reinforces the "ye olde black male penis myth" [via Feministing]:

The Morning After: Antique Prophylactics Edition

* Feminists With Sexual Dysfunction photographs her awesome family collection of antique prophylactics. Among them: Vintage versions of the awesomely bad brand Contempo Condoms, which still employs the following catchphrase: "Unleash the man you truly are and do it YOUR way with the ultra sensual range of lubricated Contempo Condoms." Perfect for the guy [...]