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The Morning After: Pocket Full of Rubbers Edition

* Some douchebag slapped the ass of a local female DJ; she recounts her experience on Holla Back DC:

The Life of a Snoop Dogg Video Vixen

As hip-hop booty model memoirist Karrine Steffans can surely tell you, life ain't easy for a video vixen. She's oversexed, underpaid, and generally under-appreciated for her services: basically, "sprawling undressed over a luxury car while a rapper is saying lewd things about her." That goes doubly true for the dozens of ladies [...]

Snoop Dogg Martha Stewart Mashed Potatoes Video Corner

Happy thanksgiving, from Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. From Stewart's blog on the episode, via boingboing:
[He] taught me some of his very own language called Snoop-guistics. He and his posse add ‘izzles’ onto the ends of words. It’s kind of a code, or a way of communicating so that others won’t know what they’re talking [...]