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The State of LGBT Health—Minus the “T”

This week, the District Mayor's Office of GLBT Affairs released the "LGB Health 2010 Report," an examination of everything from smoking habits to sexual behavior in the gay community. This is the District's first report to address the health of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in the District. But as the report's title makes clear, the [...]

Which Maine Potheads Hate Gays?

A friend* pointed me to an interesting divide in the Maine election results: While only 47 percent of Maine voters opted to keep same-sex marriage legal, a full 59 percent voted to legalize medicinal marijuana. By my expert analysis, that means that a significant percentage of Maine's voters are raging potheads who hate gay people.

Protect Your Vaginal Lining With the HIV Cigarette

For the time being, smoking will simply send you to another slow, painful, and premature death (cancer)
In the future, women may be able to protect their vaginal linings from the HIV virus by smoking a special cigarette containing the anti-HIV drug griffithsin. Or maybe you'll just rub it all over your vagina, but either way, [...]