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Why Are We Really Watching That “Single Ladies” Girls Video?

Broadsheet thinks that the collective outcry over the sexy dance moves of the "Single Ladies" girls has the power to restore one's "faith in humanity." "I dare say this is evidence of a vague cultural consensus: Girls deserve to at least have a childhood before being thrust into the unintentional burlesque [...]

Feminine Performance and Thinking Of The Children

"Think of the children" is an argument consistently used to justify adult insecurities. Hate gay marriage? Just argue that it erodes a "child's sense of innocence." Disgusted by sex workers walking the streets in "broad daylight"? Argue that a child could see them. Uncomfortable with people openly discussing alternate sexualities? A [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: What Is Beyonce’s “It”?

Last week, my post on the Top 5 Pseudo-Feminist Anthems inspired a spirited discussion over what the meaning of "it" is. The "it" in question appears twice in one pronoun-heavy line from Beyonce's "Single Ladies": "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.
What is this "it"?

How Hard Is This Inaugural Concert Going to Blow?

[youtube:v=8mVEGfH4s5g] If they liked her, they should have let Beyonce put a ring on it.
Super hard, the Associated Press reports. Though the line-up for this Sunday's Obama inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial includes some of the nation's hottest performers, the notoriously lame "American spirit" promises to dampen each mammoth recording artist's luster. According [...]

Single Fellas Fierce Leotard Video Corner

WaPo's Monica Hesse has published her list of the top viral videos of 2008. Making the cut are some industry standards—Tom Cruise and Scientology, and some presidential candidate, and (my personal favorite) Michael Cera and "drunk history."
Here's one I hadn't seen before—some " fierce, fierce dancing" by a spirited and scantily-clad fan of Beyonce's [...]