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Homophobia, Misogyny, and Other Social Ills Illuminated By Genital Surgery

The annual documentary film festival Silverdocs hits D.C. again this week. For the City Paper's coverage of this year's Nordic-heavy offerings, I reviewed Regretters, a documentary which unfolds as a long talk between two men who underwent sex-change operations to become female only to immediately regret the loss of their penises. Its accusatory title aside, [...]

Circumcision, Male and Female: Decisions, Decisions

This week, I screened two documentaries for the City Paper's Silverdocs film fest coverage. Unsurprisingly, I was assigned the two films in the festival about circumcision. Beyond the slang term "female circumcision," the tradition of female genital mutilation has little to do with that of male circumcision. But both practices are cause for serious [...]