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Asking For It

And on that note: Scotland says it best. [Via PostBourgie].

When the Threat of Stranger Rape Facilitates Acquaintance Rape

At Tiger Beatdown, B. Michael points out one abusive tactic revealed in the leaked Mel Gibson tapes:
Mel Gibson was condemned for (allegedly) threatening to burn down his house and force his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, to blow him (presumably after he saved her from being raped by a group he describes with his usual [...]

But Was She Wearing High Heels?

In response to the story about the Howard University student who was denied a rape kit after being allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted at a house party, some troll decided that this particular rape doesn't matter because the victim was wearing stiletto heels on the night of her assault:

Deconstructing Rape Myths: On Short Skirts (On Lesbians)

A couple weeks ago on the Sexist, we discussed why wearing a short skirt is not an invitation to be raped. Still, doubts lingered. The two main arguments for why women must still protect themselves from rape by ditching the short skirt:
a) Rape is just one big misunderstanding. The proponents of this argument believe that [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Rape and “The Slow, Sick Wildebeest” Edition

There's been some lively discussion this week over at the "Rape Analogy: The 'Walking in a Bad Neighborhood' Theory" thread, which addresses the popular perception that women who wear short skirts and other feminine accoutrements are just asking to be raped.
I'd love to revisit all of these comments—especially the one from the guy who wrote, [...]

Rape Analogy: The “Walking in a Bad Neighborhood” Theory

Last week, several commenters on this blog suggested that wearing a short skirt is like walking alone in a bad neighborhood—it's an unsafe behavior that makes women more vulnerable to sexual assault. I live in a neighborhood that has been dismissed by some as a "bad neighborhood." So when I see comparisons to sexual assault [...]

Does Wearing an Extravagant Condom Belt Mean You’re Down For Sex?

Though the most dedicated rape apologists may disagree, clothing choices like miniskirts, low-cut shirts and high heels are not reliable indicators of a woman's sexual availability. Inanimate objects don't consent to sex; people do. But is there any sartorial choice out there that does announce to the world that the wearer is down to fuck?
Enter [...]

On Short Skirts

This week, the results of a recent British study revealed that over 50 percent of women believe that rape victims are partially responsible for their own assaults. In the wake of the news, Jenni Murray tells her story of being raped as a 19-year-old. Murray insists she doesn't blame rape victims. But she does [...]