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Is the Facebook Avatar a Dude?

Sociological Images accuses Facebook of sexism and ethnocentricsm for using a "white and male" image as its default avatar to represent a typical user, while opting for "orange avatars of both sexes" to represent its "global connection" capabilities.
So why does this shadowy male figure look just like me?

The United Arab Emirates Doesn’t Like My Haircut

A typical short American hairstyle
The United Arab Emirates has launched a campaign to raise awareness among girls of "the dangers of appearing as men," and "emphasizing the virtues of being female." The campaign is titled "Pardon me, I'm a girl."
Why does the UAE need to encourage girls to be girls? Well, "Locals attest to a [...]

Not Today, Honey, My Hair Is Too Short

Jezebel has been collecting evidence lately of self-proclaimed "experts" (i.e., random dudes) who claim that women only cut their hair short to avoid sex. Let's hear it from the dudes:
Dr. Aline Zoldbrod, sex therapist, says, “If you cut your hair you might be making a statement that says, ‘I don’t want to be seen as [...]