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Vince Gray Won’t “Over Promise” to HIV/AIDS Director

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Mayoral candidate Vince Gray explains what he wants from a D.C. HIV/AIDS director in the wake of Dr. Shannon Hader's sudden departure from HAHSTA last month [via Fight HIV in DC]. He's looking for "the best possible person" that he doesn't have to lie to:

TEDx to Take on HIV in D.C.

Yesterday, City Paper's Housing Complex reported that the self-organized offspring of the TED conference series will hit the George Washington University on May 20. "TEDx Potomac" will feature presentations from locals like CakeLove creator Warren Brown, show bartender Moe Harris, and Affinity Lab founder Berit Oskey. Also on the roster is the woman at the center of the District's sexual [...]

Is $500,000 Enough to Get Anyone to Use the Female Condom?

Free female condoms have been sitting on the counter at Jasmine’s Hair Gallery in Anacostia for one week, but the contraceptive device has yet to make it out of the salon and into a woman’s vagina. Last week, a representative from a local nonprofit came down to Jasmine’s equipped with a few dozen female condoms—and [...]