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The Morning After: Mrs. George Clooney Supreme Court Justice Edition

* I really liked this Maureen Dowd column mocking the policing of Kagan's sexuality via a faux Joe Biden e-mail. Dowd as Biden:

Shakira Is Back (And Crazy)

Shakira's latest single. "She Wolf," is about a woman who is sick of being hopelessly devoted to her man, so she decides to go out and fuck other dudes—werewolf style. Lyrics largely concern the sexual properties of the moon and stuff, but my favorite line is this: "I’m starting to feel just a little abused [...]

How Hard Is This Inaugural Concert Going to Blow?

[youtube:v=8mVEGfH4s5g] If they liked her, they should have let Beyonce put a ring on it.
Super hard, the Associated Press reports. Though the line-up for this Sunday's Obama inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial includes some of the nation's hottest performers, the notoriously lame "American spirit" promises to dampen each mammoth recording artist's luster. According [...]