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The Morning After: “Does That Make Me Queer?” Edition

* Via Sociological Images, a recent Marie Claire fashion shoot declares that "nude is the new black." Except that by "nude," they mean "the color white people are." White people are the new black. It's science.

Trigger Warnings and Being an Asshole

I've been fascinated by the dust-up over "trigger warnings" that's inched across the feminist blogosphere this week. "Trigger warnings," for the uninitiated, are warnings placed before blog posts that touch on certain subject areas (or particularly graphic presentations of them) that could possibly "trigger" the past trauma of a survivor of sexual assault or abuse. [...]

The Morning After: Sexist Edition

Today I thought I'd just cut to the chase and find out what ladies on the Internets think is sexist today. Modern sexism, reveal yourself!
* Gender Goggles reviews Yoko Ono's feminist video project Cut Pieces, thinks jokes are sexist, but not as sexist as sexual assault: "You might argue that there is a world [...]

The Morning After: Evangelical Gay Shake-Up Edition

* Richard Cizik, the VP for Government Affairs for The National Association of Evangelicals, stepped down yesterday after making comments on NPR "that he backs same-sex civil unions" [via Shakesville].
* Jezebel—along with the rest of the Gawker universe—gets a massive face-lift to "increase pageviews." Agh, what? But we're still working on our redesign that will [...]

The Morning After

Our daily roundup of sex and gender in the District and beyond.
* Melissa McEwan over at Shakesville says a cat's place is in the cleavage:
this morning, after [the cat had] been driving me bananas for about an hour with this new routine, I tucked the bottom of the tanktop I was wearing up under my [...]