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“Why Is This Ghost On My Vagina” And Other Questions Raised By Sexy Ms. Pac-Man

In honor of hungry arcade icon Pac-Man's 30th birthday, The Digital Vegetarian unearths this photo demonstration of the Sexy Ms. Pac-Man Halloween costume, and how it works (you pull your sexy castle grommet skirt up to reveal a ghost!) I surveyed my fair share of ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes last October, but Sexy Ms. Pacman [...]

Why Are We Really Watching That “Single Ladies” Girls Video?

Broadsheet thinks that the collective outcry over the sexy dance moves of the "Single Ladies" girls has the power to restore one's "faith in humanity." "I dare say this is evidence of a vague cultural consensus: Girls deserve to at least have a childhood before being thrust into the unintentional burlesque [...]

The 10 Most Popular Sexist Posts of the Year: Semen, Nipple Slips, and Sarah Palin

This year on the Sexist, the pageviews accumulated like so many cats draped across my spinstery blogger frame. I'd like to take a minute to thank you all for clicking and commenting, even those of you who accidentally stumbled onto this blog while searching for porn. Especially you guys.
Below are the 10 most popular blog [...]

Sexism and the “If It Were A Man” Defense

Need a convenient way to evaluate any charge of sexism? Pull out the "If It Were A Man" defense. Here's what you do: Isolate an instance of sexist behavior against a woman. Now, imagine a man is the target of the allegedly sexist scenario. Would the man be treated any differently? If yes, it [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: How Sexy Is Too Sexy?

Last week, a couple of really interesting discussions arose on this blog concerning determining consent and preventing rape. I'm going to address some of the lingering issues raised in those threads later today. But right now, it's 9 a.m. on Monday morning, I'm not terribly coherent, amd I'd rather review the implications of Garfield lunchboxes [...]

Dressing “Too Sexy”: Career Suicide Or Sexist Excuse?

Yesterday, Feminist Law Professors drew my attention to the Miami Daily Business Review's "Rodent" column, a weekly anonymous rant written by various members of the legal community. The latest missive, "Lady Lawyers Should Dress the Part," warns female attorneys that they may be sabotaging their careers with overly sexy business attire. Actually, I think [...]

Mike Riggs Is Trailer Trash Zombie. But Is It Sexy?

Yesterday, City Lights Editor Mike Riggs revealed that he dressed as "Trailer Trash Zombie" for Halloween this year, a costume he claimed was “not even a little bit" sexy—“unless short denim shorts, suspenders, a camo ball cap, a black sabbath tee with no sleeves, and really upsetting face paint is your idea of sexy.” Now, [...]

The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: “Sexy Skeleton” Edition

Every day until Oct. 31, I’m collecting another terrible “sexy” Halloween costume for your erotic cringing pleasure. Today's ill-advised holiday sex display really hurts me, you guys. I've been looking for a costume for a couple of weeks now. Last night, I caught Hocus Pocus at a friend's house, and got the idea to model [...]

Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: The “Sexy Indian”

Every day until Halloween, I'm going to keep shelling out the worst “sexy” Halloween costumes on shelves this holiday season. Up next:


Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: The Flasher

On Tuesday, I counted down the ten worst "sexy" Halloween costumes on shelves this holiday season. As it turns out, there are way more than ten offensive Halloween get-ups out there to satisfy all your pathetic costuming needs. So I'll be searing one more terrible sexy outfit into your brains every day until October 31. [...]