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“Why Is This Ghost On My Vagina” And Other Questions Raised By Sexy Ms. Pac-Man

In honor of hungry arcade icon Pac-Man's 30th birthday, The Digital Vegetarian unearths this photo demonstration of the Sexy Ms. Pac-Man Halloween costume, and how it works (you pull your sexy castle grommet skirt up to reveal a ghost!) I surveyed my fair share of ridiculous sexy Halloween costumes last October, but Sexy Ms. Pacman [...]

The 10 Most Popular Sexist Posts of the Year: Semen, Nipple Slips, and Sarah Palin

This year on the Sexist, the pageviews accumulated like so many cats draped across my spinstery blogger frame. I'd like to take a minute to thank you all for clicking and commenting, even those of you who accidentally stumbled onto this blog while searching for porn. Especially you guys.
Below are the 10 most popular blog [...]

Mike Riggs Is Trailer Trash Zombie. But Is It Sexy?

Yesterday, City Lights Editor Mike Riggs revealed that he dressed as "Trailer Trash Zombie" for Halloween this year, a costume he claimed was “not even a little bit" sexy—“unless short denim shorts, suspenders, a camo ball cap, a black sabbath tee with no sleeves, and really upsetting face paint is your idea of sexy.” Now, [...]

Halloween: How Sexy Was It?

According to media reports, this Halloween was gearing up to be the sexiest, most infantilizing, super sexiest, most racially insensitive, nipple-suspender-y Halloween ever! So, how sexy was it? I surveyed the staff of the Washington City Paper to find out.

How to Inform a Friend Their Halloween Costume Is Racist

Yesterday, a reader wrote in with an interesting conundrum: How do you politely explain to a friend that their chosen Halloween costume could be racist? Commenter CA lays out the issue:

The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: “Sexy Hat” Edition

Pin Up Girl Clothing, a leading advocate of Sexy Halloween, offers up this year's must-have slutty accessory: The "Sexy Halloween Costume Hat." What makes a hat sexy? Does a Sexy Hat reveal intimate portions of the wearer's scalp? Does it function as a substitute for pants? And are we sure it's not just the eye [...]

The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: “Super Sexy” Me Edition

Despite my continuing protest against the sexualization of all things Halloween, even I have to admit that Slutty Halloween appears to be here to stay. Let's say that all women accept their duty to dress Sexy this Slutty Halloween. When every woman is Sexy, will Sexy be enough? Or must the Sexiest among them strive [...]

The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: “Sexy Infantalization” Edition

We all know that the Sexy Halloween Costume industry has got a penchant for indulging in underage fantasy. The Sexy Schoolgirl Costume, of course, is a perennial favorite. But even when grown women dress up in knee-highs, pleated minis, and Britney-style button-downs, schoolgirl afficionados can still tell themselves that the style reflects a student in [...]

Will Your Boyfriend Slap A Porny Sarah Palin Mask On You Tonight?

Still looking for that sexy Halloween costume? If you've been dreaming of dressing as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, except naked and horny for other high-profile female politicians, you are so in luck!

Sexist Comments of the Week: In Defense of Sexy Halloween Costumes

Every day in October, I'm been rollin' out the worst "sexy" Halloween costumes on the market this year. Now that we're two-thirds of our way to the big 31, the world's most offensive sexualized costumes have gained a few defenders. And they will be damned if I continue to insult their racist, sexist, and sizist [...]