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The Morning After: Fabulous Ex-Gay Scarf Edition

* Via BLOgT: Even ex-gays are allowed to wear fabulous scarves.

Old People Are Sexting Now

The AARP has finally figured out a way to deter all those crazy tweens from sexting their chastity away: Inform them that a bunch of totally old people are doing it, too. In the November issue Online at, reporter Jessica Leshnoff interviews a handful of first-name-only seniors who admit to sending photos of their [...]

Sexy Spanish Anti-Sexting Video Corner

This Spanish PSA, which warns of the dangers of  "sexting," follows a similar trajectory to domestic anti-sexting initiatives: There's the ill-advised nudity, the mass tween sext, and the shame, oh, the shame. One difference: The Spanish version drops a lot of nipple.

Teen Sex Scandal!

Cell Phones: Not just for Sexting!
Drumming up a good teen sex scandal for the nightly news ain’t what it used to be. A couple decades ago, a news anchor could scare the shit out of some parents by just turning to the camera and posing a question: “It’s 10 o’clock. Parents, do you know where [...]

Fox Deciphers Secret Teen Sexting Code. “Banana” Means “Penis”!

"Banana," slang for "Penis"? What uncrackable code will the kids think up next?
Via Pukeimmediately: MyFoxAtlanta has published a valuable cheat-sheat for parents wondering what all the acronyms in their child's texts really mean. Is your tween a Fond of Leather ("FOL") Marijuana-smoking ("420") Nude Club-attending ("1174") Penis ("Banana"))? Are you reading your kid's texts right [...]

Today Is National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Today is the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, and right smack in the middle of National Offend a Feminist Week. I'm both offended and not teen pregnant. Coincidence?
I've always said that the best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to turn 20, am I right? But for those still stuck in their 13-to-19s, the [...]

Blogger Suggests Unknown “Sexting Age”

The Daily Beast's Ashleigh Banfield wrote a screed today arguing that "sexting" offenders—teens who send naked photos of themselves and others to other teens—should be prosecuted harshly, to serve as examples for others. Banfield says that a "little felony can ruin your life." Which is why teenage sexters should receive felonies: to ruin their lives.
Banfield [...]

Sexist Beatdown: “Sexting” Edition

Oversize foam cell phone lures underage phone users into illicit world of fwded nudity
Parents! Do you know what felonies your tweens could be committing with their very own cellular telephones, and what stupid name the you will coin in order to facillitate freaking out to the newsmedia? Hint: the felony is "child pornography," and the [...]

Spotsylvania Teens Busted In Sexting Case

Spotsylvania, Virg. got the honor yesterday of arresting two teens in our first local "sexting" case. Eighteen-year-old Spotsylvania High student Moizeis Ribeiro and a 15-year-old classmate were arrested "on possession of child pornography and electronic solicitation."
Ribeiro's partner-in-crime is young enough not to have his name released to the papers, but he's still old enough to [...]

Child “Sexting” Video Corner

Fox 5 has a hilarious trend piece out on a new and disturbing trend among youth: "Sexting." Award for lamest old dude opener goes to this treatment: "[Beeping noises] You see it so often: kids texting, their fingers doing the talking," Fox reports. "But a new survey shows, many are actually Sexting."