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Sexist Internal Business: (RSS) Feed Me

If you're currently subscribed to the Sexist's RSS feed, great! Thanks for following me. It's come to my attention that some followers are experiencing a bit of a delay in the feed. And we can't have that. So if that's the case for you, please make sure you're subscribed to the following URL for the [...]

The Worst Sexy Halloween Costumes: “Sexy Skeleton” Edition

Every day until Oct. 31, I’m collecting another terrible “sexy” Halloween costume for your erotic cringing pleasure. Today's ill-advised holiday sex display really hurts me, you guys. I've been looking for a costume for a couple of weeks now. Last night, I caught Hocus Pocus at a friend's house, and got the idea to model [...]

Hey, You! I Want To Meet You!

Greetings, Sexist readers! Want to talk about rape some more? Looking to receive compensation for the ludicrous, insipid copy you wasted your time reading? Are you ex-gay? Then head on down to this year's Crafty Bastards fair, where I am obligated to sit at the Washington City Paper booth tomorrow between the hours of 1:30 [...]

Why Black Women Shouldn’t Go to College

Like The Root blogger Jimi Izrael, I'm pretty sick of the recent spate of stories that paint all black women as overly-ambitious career women, and all black men as uneducated imbeciles—as Izrael puts it, "the story of the hard-working, over-achieving black women being held back by the shiftless watermelon-stealing, generally no-account black man." Unlike Izrael, [...]

Bob McConnell Dropped Sexist Thesis In Reports’ Laps

In a Washington Post online chat today, reporter Anita Kumar revealed how the Post caught wind of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert McConnell's 1989 graduate thesis, which is riddled with crazy about women, homosexuals, and fornicators: Oh, he just happened to mention it!
"We recently obtained the thesis," Kumar wrote. "Bob McDonnell mentioned the thesis a couple [...]

This Week In Sexist History: Swimming Makes You Ugly Edition

Newspaper stories from the good old days say the darndest things. So every week on the Sexist, let’s take a ride on journalism’s way-back machine, to a time when male reporters did not prefer their women to be dripping wet from head to toe. I know—it was a crazy, crazy, time kids. This week, our [...]

Sex Codes: The Top 31 Acronyms For All Your Sexist, Racist Fetishes

So, you ladies got any TCSS up in this AAMP?
Earlier this summer, FOX deciphered the secret sexting codes teens use to fuck each other on their cell phones. But teens aren't the only ones who need to hide their sexual exploits with absurdly elaborate acronyms. Sex workers and their clients, too, are trained to use [...]

Zoolander Jokes Still Not Funny

This week, I cornered people on the street, pushed a camera into their faces, and asked them if they've ever experienced sex discrimination in their lifetimes. Most of them had at least been called a "sissy" once. Above, D.C.'s men and women tell their tales of low-cut T-shirts, unwelcome sexual fantasy, and one too many [...]

Huffington Post Swimsuit Edition Goes Gender-Neutral

The Huffington Post's latest foray into celebrity eye-candy linkbait, "Iconic Swimsuit Movie Moments," comes in two flavors: Male and Female.
The Huffington Post, it seems, has tired of just fetishizing female bodies, and has moved onto more equal-opportunity objectification. Since it's too much to ask for a Web site to refrain from objectifying any humans, is [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week

Last week's column on ANC commissioners' bad words, 5C Commissioner Gigi Ransom Censured Over "Potential Hate Crime", has inspired even more incendiary speech, courtesy of the comments section.
Matt Corrigan, on why ANC personality problems should be checked at the door:
I’m in 5C and do the neighborhood walks with John Salatti. He cannot stand to be [...]