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Sexist E-Mail: So, Why Are Your Ads So Sexist?

In an e-mail last week, Sexist reader Ari Sahagun wrote in objecting to some "incongruous" advertising accompanying a Sexist blog post. She writes:
So I was reading some articles in The Sexist blog; mostly about feminism, women's rights, women's issues, etc.  I came to this page, where I was shown an ad about weight [...]

Sexist E-mails: “Your blog is as helpful to women as a barrel of nitroglycerin is helpful to a Caribbean cruise”

It's time for another round of Sexist E-mails, in which readers explain concepts that could never possibly be understood in any regular comments section. This time: If sexism were racism, women would be the privileged white people, and men would be the oppressed minority group. It's science. In a two-e-mail set entitled "time to get [...]

Sexist E-Mails: “Women Don’t Give Nice Guys the Sex They Want”

Readers, I get so many weird e-mails. So far, I've just been letting them accumulate in my in-box, never to be read again—even the ones with the attached shirtless photos. But now, it's purge time.