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Sexist Comments of the Week: Traditional Capitalization Edition

By oh boy, so many wonderful comments this week, however is a girl to choose?
There's this one, submitted intimately via e-mail: "Does your Mother know you're writing for the dumbass shitty paper?" (Hi, mom!). And then there's this vital piece of comments-section copy-editing: "it’s Rick Mangus not Rick Magnus!" And who could forget "Laura, Don’t [...]

Sexist Comment of the Day: Chivalrous Trap

I know this is generally a once-a-week thing, but I had to highlight hexy's take on chivalry: "Maybe it’s all those years playing computer games, but to me there’s only one valid reason to make someone go through a door before you. And that’s when you’re using them to check for traps."
Photo via Rennett Stowe, [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: “Reverse” “Discrimination” Edition

For this edition of Sexist Comments of the Week, I cede the floor to my honorable colleague from Ontario, Chanda. Chanda really knows what the eff she's talking about when it comes to sexism in the sciences, so she's the perfect person to respond to the male scientist who reported being 'rankled' by a dinner [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: The Othering of Chivalry Edition

Last week on the Sexist, we discussed the subjugation of women via door-opening, book-carrying, elevator-waiting, rival-punching, and honor-protecting. (Bonus: Also sucks for dudes!) Stories from women with first-hand stories of enduring chivalry:

Sexist Comments of the Week: Public Masturbation and the Shame Game

Last week, we discussed a public masturbator operating on Metro's Orange Line. Commenters disagreed on how victims ought to react to a public sexual assault—and why they sometimes feel ashamed.

Sexist Comments of the Week: Plastic Surgery Experts Mansplain It All

Why are the vast majority of plastic surgeons male, and the vast majority of plastic surgery patients female? Sexist readers float their theories:

Sexist Comments of the Week: Trigger Warning Edition

Last week, I asked you all for your thoughts on the use of trigger warnings on this blog. Sixty-seven comments later, I've come to a decision about how this blog will deal with potentially triggering material on topics like sexual assault, abuse, and eating disorders.
But first, your thoughts:

Sexist Comments of the Week: Homophobic Penis Sketch Edition

Last week, readers theorized as to why art students avoid drawing the penises of nude models. Both David Quammen and John Hammack attest to students avoiding their genitalia by inserting an obscuring shade or a set of imaginary shorts over their crotches. Is homophobia and sexual repression to blame, or is free penis sketching a [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Sexist Oscars Edition

Last week, Sexist readers discussed Bob Mondello's suggestion that the Academy "unsex the Oscars" by combining the Best Actor and Best Actress categories for one big co-ed competition. Counter-point: The sex-segregated acting awards have rewarded filmmakers who write strong female characters, and it's no coincidence that categories that haven't made an effort to award women [...]

The Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts: Puppies Edition

This week on the Sexist: Puppies! Just kidding, this week's topics were far more depressing than that.
1. Rape Victims vs. Prison Rape Victims, in which victim-blaming takes the form of a change of clothes.
2. How Bystanders Can Help Groping Victims, in which we get servicey on this groping stuff.
3. Why Would I Want to Touch [...]