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Daily Show Sexism, A Comprehensive Review

Getting specific on sexism: CV Harquail applies her "6 Degrees of Sexism Test" to The Daily Show to determine whether the organization, as a whole, is sexist. Taken into consideration are:
1. The leader’s behavior
2. The organization’s demographic composition
3. The experiences of people within the organization
4. The organization’s practices & systems
5. The organization’s product, and
6. The [...]

Hiring Inequality Through The Daily Show

As it turns out, that fawning defense of The Daily Show by its women employees illustrates exactly what's wrong with the show's hiring practices. They write:
Jon’s not just a guy in a suit reading a prompter. His voice and vision shape every aspect of the show from concept to execution. The idea that [...]

Feminism For Bitches

In response to my break-down of all the ways that Playboy tried to get a look at Olivia Munn's areola, Zelda Lily's Sarah Arboleda submits, instead, that Munn is perhaps just a lying, bitchy idiot with a bad publicist who regularly "flaunts" her "female sexuality" and thus deserves only our mockery. Arboleda:

Today In PR For Ladies: Cougars, Oil Spills, and Permanent SATC2 Nerve Damage

PR flacks sure know how to sell to the ladies. Every week, I receive form e-mails from them containing the latest in lady-centered information—on everything from permanent Sex and the City nerve damage to the world's preeminent male cougar experts. Alas, I don't always have enough time to pass these insights onto you, the ladies. [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: “Reverse” “Discrimination” Edition

For this edition of Sexist Comments of the Week, I cede the floor to my honorable colleague from Ontario, Chanda. Chanda really knows what the eff she's talking about when it comes to sexism in the sciences, so she's the perfect person to respond to the male scientist who reported being 'rankled' by a dinner [...]

The Morning After: The Gender Binary of Hotness Edition

* Racialicious on the "flip side of racial profiling," as evidenced by this PostSecret submission: "those who do not carry the stigmatized features aren’t simply treated fairly, they’re given a benefit of the doubt that allows them to get away with the very thing that others are suspected of doing."

In Russia, Women Empower You!

Feeling emasculated by the American feminist movement? Fortunately, the road to "male liberation and empowerment" is just a quick flight to Moscow away, where American men are finally freed to meet Russian babes off the Internet, fetishize their cultural stereotypes of these women, and pay exorbitant fees to spend time with them.
Your guide on this [...]

On Airlines, “Ugly Girls,” and the Politics of Personal Butthurt

Besides, airlines are obviously boys.
Insider airline misogyny! On Monday, Continental Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek announced the company's merger with United by leveling the following burn against United Airlines: "Smisek told analysts and reporters Continental began a whirlwind courtship with United after learning it was in merger talks with Tempe-based US Airways because it [...]

Sexist E-Mail: So, Why Are Your Ads So Sexist?

In an e-mail last week, Sexist reader Ari Sahagun wrote in objecting to some "incongruous" advertising accompanying a Sexist blog post. She writes:
So I was reading some articles in The Sexist blog; mostly about feminism, women's rights, women's issues, etc.  I came to this page, where I was shown an ad about weight [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Vagina Vagina Vagina Edition

Last week on the Sexist, readers sounded off on the new Kotex ad that isn't allowed to utter the sound "vuh-jahy-nuh," we parsed the difference between the "vulva" and the "vagina," and one commenter received some Very Special terminology instruction on the meaning of "tampon." Let's do this point-counterpoint style, shall we?