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Grime Scenes: 2390 Champlain St NW, A Madam’s (News) Organ

The Deborah Jeane Palfrey story had boffo foreplay and a really shitty climax.
And it started right here at City Paper. That's where Palfrey, based in California, bought classified advertisements seeking local college-age whores to service her high-powered johns in the DC market.
Well, that was basically how legal authorities played the tale when they busted Palfrey [...]

Meet an Anti-Human-Trafficking Activist: Eric Proffitt

This Saturday at 9 a.m., Eric Proffitt is going to go for a run. The Canadian-American singer-songwriter will drape himself with 10 pounds of chains, climb the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and then set off on a 15-day sprint to New York, his chains lapping his sides. Then he'll fly to London and run [...]

Courthouse Wedding No. 3: ‘Save the Money for the Booze’

The wedding party assembles for a few pre-matrimonial snapshots.
"Say Wisconsin!" says one photographer. Everyone smiles. The followup: "Say Lebanese!"
"Taverna!" replies bride Rima Karim.
The geographical references reflect the bride and groom, respectively. Mike Neal, 37, is a native of Fond du Lac, and Karim, 39, grew up locally to a big Middle Eastern family.
This wedding is [...]

Grime Scenes: 517 6th Street SE, ‘Monkey Business’ for Land Lubbers

Right here, Gary Hart's presidential campaign ended with a bang.
Well, that was the assumption of what went on behind these walls in the spring of 1987, just weeks after Hart had officially announced he was running for the top job.
Hart's reputation for womanizing preceded his run. So reporters from the Miami Herald who'd staked out [...]

MVC Late Night Video Sees the Light of Day

Until very recently, motorists traveling along Leesburg Pike in Falls Church and shoppers at MVC Late Night Video, a sex shop that sits on that road’s busiest stretch, were blissfully unaware of each other.
Thanks to thick black tint that darkened MVC’s large front windows, folks looking for the latest adult DVDs, magazines, and sex toys [...]

My Lunch at Camelot Show Bar: The Tape Worm Incident

I figured I had made it through the hardest part of this assignment when I actually took a deep breath and walked into Camelot Show Bar on M Street NW. I mean, just to duck under the Camelot canopy that juts onto the sidewalk like a giant canary penis, I had to saunter past the office workers standing [...]

Photos: The Graphic Arts

Courthouse Wedding No. 2: Sadness Become Joy

The man is dressed to the nines, in a tan suit. The woman looks even better, in a simple white dress and a big smile.
The reporter introduces himself, asks to sit in on their wedding, hear their love story. Says the man, "It's quite a story."
Officiant Toni Gore launches into her script: "This is a [...]

D.C. Ranks Third in Sexual Frequency. But Is It Good?

According to the States of Pleasure survey released this month by Trojan, as in the condom, Houston residents have the most sex of anyone in the nation's 10 largest metropolitan areas: 101 romps per year. Atlanta is second, at 88 (as reported here by a fellow Creative Loafing-owned alt-weekly). But you, District of Columbia, rank [...]

Courthouse Wedding No. 1: ‘On the DL’

"You brought a camera?" asks officiant Toni Gore.
Neither Andrew McPherson, 26, nor Emily Buehler, 25, have brought a camera today. In fact, they haven't brought rings, either.
"We're trying to keep this on the DL," Buehler tells Gore.
They're not keeping it hidden from angry parents or scorned lovers or anything like that. Rather, Buehler and McPherson [...]