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How To Make A Woman In Under An Hour

It takes Sterling, Va. cosmetics salesman Charles McWilliams under an hour in a Crystal City basement to turn into a woman. Beneath Freddie's Beach Bar, alongside the Kosher salt, lime juice, and nacho cheese, McWilliams sweats and smokes his way into Ophelia Bottoms, the drag persona he's perfected over the past decade.

Sex & the City Paper: The Morning After

After a day of anal ecstacy pills, dropping the soap, underground marriage, historic sexual assaults, pasties for dinner, and half-naked drag queens (more on that later), let us abandon sex for a moment and return to romance—hand-shaking, sheet-ripping, dog-invoking French romance, courtesy of Jacques Brel. That Mathilde sure must be somethin'.


My Dinner at Crystal City Restaurant: The World’s Thinnest Strip Steak

The wait for dinner at Crystal City Restaurant was nowhere near as painful as it was this afternoon at the Camelot Show Bar. I'm hard-pressed to explain why. It may be because the women weren't fully nude at CCR. It may be because the women didn't try to suck up as hard to you at CCR. It [...]

Photos: Wednesday, In The Stockroom

My Dinner at Crystal City Restaurant: A Bit of Vegas in Arlington

Crystal City Restaurant came highly recommended by an hospitality biz insider who's been known to date a stripper or two. He told me that CCR — as it's known among the regulars — has a good reputation for serving solid steaks along with its carousel of flesh on two stages.
The place looks rather harmless from [...]

Grime Scenes: 133 C Street SE — What the Hell’s Going Down at Fellowship House?

This Capitol Hill residence, generally called Fellowship House, produces more sleaze per square foot than any dwelling this town has ever known.
Its tenants  show up on the scandal sheets as sure as USC quarterbacks show up in the NFL.
For more than half a century, the house has been owned and operated by The Family, a [...]

Brits Come to U.S., Don’t Buy Condoms

A Manchester couple vacationing in Washington D.C. has revealed that the pair will not be smuggling any condoms back with them to England. On a last-minute shopping spree in the CVS Pharmacy in Dupont Circle, the British pair snubbed America’s "most trusted" Trojan condoms, stating “we wouldn’t buy them, because we don’t know the brand.”
According [...]

Sizing Up the Condoms at CVS

Its 5 o’clock at Dupont Circle’s CVS pharmacy, and a steady stream of customers begins to arrive.
Two men loiter between the “eye care” and the “vapor relief” sections. They look around. They seem on edge. They’re sizing up the condoms. I understand their distress—confronted with eight shelves of contraceptives, how's a girl guy to choose [...]

Courthouse Wedding No. 4: ‘A Very Productive Encounter’

What brought Paul Camper and Xiaoming Gao to their courthouse wedding today began with a chance meeting on a Metro Center train platform not more than three months ago.
"We started talking about things we were mutually interested in, like China," says Camper, who, as a consultant, has worked on Chinese affairs. "It was a very [...]

My Lunch at Camelot Show Bar: The Jerk Chicken

The first decision you have to make at Camelot Show Bar is the same one you have to make at any restaurant, even the ones without naked women dancing on a stage: What do you want to drink? It's the question that the tall blonde in the skimpy bikini underwear has just put to me. The [...]