Posts Tagged ‘sex toys’ Airs Student Failures In Sex, Humanity

Three Georgetown students (and another from NYU) have launched, a website for anonymously airing your greatest sex fails. “After a traumatizing hookup experience, [we] looked for a place to post the story online and realized that no such website existed," a site creator (they won't reveal their names) told [...]

How to Sell Realistic Peeing Penis Dildos to Heterosexual Men

So I logged on to the High Times Web site today, as you do, and I came across a typical ad targeting pot enthusiasts: A woman dropping her lacy panties alongside the teaser, "Want to see more? We know you want to!" Users who are interested in seeing more are introduced to  "The Whizzinator," a [...]

Does Wearing an Extravagant Condom Belt Mean You’re Down For Sex?

Though the most dedicated rape apologists may disagree, clothing choices like miniskirts, low-cut shirts and high heels are not reliable indicators of a woman's sexual availability. Inanimate objects don't consent to sex; people do. But is there any sartorial choice out there that does announce to the world that the wearer is down to fuck?
Enter [...]

Christmas Pile ‘O Dildos

Last week, just in time for the holidays, Mount Vernon Square resident Si Kailian stumbled upon an odd Christmas miracle: Free used dildo pile! In a post on Dec. 23, she wrote:

The Dildos of the Future

There are hundreds of types of dildos out there. But can there ever be too many dildos? With only a prosthetic penis and a dream, five inventors have dared to break the genital mold (one, literally) by submitting their variations on the dildo for U.S. government review. Behold: the Dildos of the Future (patent pending):
DILDO [...]

Doggie Style: A Sex Toy for Dogs

While my colleagues have been examining the economics of prostitution and perusing sex-shop wares – on your behalf, readers – I thought I'd turn my attention to something else: animal love. Or at least animal sex.
There’s been some of that going on at the National Zoo and its Virginia research facility, of course; the stork [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Sex Positive Negativity Edition!

To truly call myself "feminist," must I partake of the dildo?
Earlier this week, I explained, ever-so-respectfully, why I thought sex-positive feminism was boring and dumb. In this edition of Sexist Beatdown, a chatty-thing, Tiger Beatdown's Sady kindly explains how she came to personally identify as a "sex positive feminist" by being the only employee in [...]

Saws In Vaginas: Dangerous

Putting a saw in your vagina is very dangerous, even if you put a rubber dildo over that saw prior to putting the saw into your vagina. A Southern Maryland couple learned that the hard way over the weekend when a man put a saw in a dildo into a woman's vagina, only to have [...]

College Students on Sex: Annoying

The Georgetown University student newspaper, the Hoya, has a story this week about the phenomenon of on-campus "pleasure parties." Reporter Alex Lee writes about a pleasure party she hosted at her Georgetown townhouse:
Sitting cross-legged on my living room sofa here at Georgetown, Jenny Cancelado holds in her right hand twelve inches of vibrating, scintillating and [...]