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The Morning After: Sex and the City Isn’t Gay Edition

* Zack Rosen at The New Gay on the assumption that gay men love Sex and the City: "assumptions about my relationship to SATC make me about as angry as being called fabulous," he writes. "We’ve all gone on bad dates or slept with someone who never called us [...]

The Morning After: First Cougar Supreme Court Justice Edition

In a 7-2 decision, the Court decided those shoes are to die for.

Rating recent commentaries on issues related to Elena Kagan's appearance:

The Decade In Femininity

Now that we've exhausted the decade in masculine trends, it's time for us to take a look back at the aughts' many cultural incarnations of femininity. The versions of femininity that have been aggressively marketed to us over the past ten years, from "not that innocent" pop tarts to Sex & the City fashionistas to [...]

Could a CDC Circumcision Recommendation Inspire More Penis Ignorance?

The Centers for Disease Control is currently weighing whether to recommend the circumcision of boys and men in the United States. If the CDC finds that a circumcision recommendation would reduce the risk of HIV among American men, I think that's swell. Providing people with information to help protect themselves from disease is a wonderful [...]

Esquire Thinks It Knows Your Wife

... and she's boring, vapid, and obsessed with eating ice cream out of the carton. If that sounds like your wife, Esquire has this gift guide of Christmas presents that will be just perfect for her!
A breakdown:
Ice Cream and Ice Cream Accessories (2). including the "Prepara Ice Cream Pint Sleeve," a neoprene sleeve whick [...]