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Fraternal Order of Police Calls for Investigation into D.C. Police Sexual Assault Reporting

The Fraternal Order of Police—representing D.C.'s 3600 police officers, detectives, and sergeants—has called for an investigation into the D.C. police department's reporting of sexual assault. "The Department has failed to publicly admit or recognize what could be described as an alarming rise in sexual assaults in the District of Columbia," Kristopher Baumann, chief of the [...]

Victim Reports “Forcible Fondling” In GWU Library

Over the past school year, the campus of the George Washington University has experienced several public sexual assaults. Back in September, a University of Maryland student entered a G.W. dorm and attempted to sexually assault several sleeping women. Last month, a man on a mountain bike rode around campus exposing himself to female students. Today, [...]

The Media Goes Hot For Bad Teacher

Teachers occupy an interesting gender space in the mainstream media. As institutional caretakers of the young, teachers—male and female—are often cast into a mothering role. And like mothers', the sexuality of teachers is thoroughly socially policed.
Media gawkers are both fascinated and horrified by the sexuality of teachers. Like mothers, teachers are expected to remain publicly [...]

“Only” 2 to 3 Percent Of Catholics Leave Church Due to Sex Abuse

According to a recent Pew Forum poll, "Catholics have one of the highest retention rates" among Christian churches, with 68 percent of Catholic kids remaining in the church as adults. Here's how PR Newswire chose to highlight the poll's findings:
* Almost 70 percent Catholic youth stay Catholic as adults
* Only 2-3 percent cite sex abuse [...]