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The Morning After: Atlas Sucked Edition

* "Atlas Shrugged," the movie, as imagined by Sady Doyle:

Palin’s Wild And Crazy Ride Gets Crazier, Now With Scientology!

John P. Coale, a top Palin "brand" advisor and husband to official Palin family propaganda conduit Greta van Susteren, has been outed as a Scientologist.

According to "The Truth About Scientology," which tracks public Scientology records (there are public scientology records?), Coale has completed 15 courses, from a 1989 "Not Drugs Rundown" course to a 2005 [...]

Man Madness: Media Bracket Finale

Week one of the Manliest Workplace in D.C. competition has come to a close. Let's recap the standings in the media bracket (first-round winners in bold):
Game 1: Washington Times, 52; Washingtonian, 17
Game 2: Congressional Quarterly, 40; Washington Post, 46
Game 3: El Pregonero, 48; USA TODAY, 50
Game 4: Washington City Paper, 36; Washington Blade, 45
In a [...]