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The Morning After: I Don’t See Race Edition

The first woman president (second from L) meets the first black president (second from R)
* Happy birthday, "post-racial America"! Writing in the Washington Post, Kathleen Parker does not see race. In response to criticism that calling Barack Obama the first woman president was (among other things) racist, Parker pens a column explaining that she can't [...]

The Morning After: Human Centipede Edition

* Human centipede: It's a thing. A horrible, horrible thing.

Boner Lane: The Boners We Missed Along the Way

After reading my post yesterday on taking a "Trip Down Boner Lane," one reader wrote in with a concerned message: "They missed the Beach Boner," he wrote.
Though my friend was quick to clarify that he, himself has "never even experienced beach boner," only "heard several accounts," he had a good point. In all the discussion [...]

Take A Trip Down Boner Lane

Today, Scarleteen—a great resource for teenagers who are first beginning to, you know, explore the feelings of, like, doin' it and stuff—published an epic roundup of boner queries.
Scarleteen titles its hard-on treasure trove more delicately: "The Roundup of 'I Get an Erection When …' Questions." (Stay tuned for the inevitable "Roundup of I Get an [...]