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Beck Too Sexist To Be Palin’s VP

Via Feministing: Glenn Beck has slapped down rumors of a Palin-Beck presidential ticket in 2012. Why? Because Glenn Beck would be an even worse Vice Presidential pick than Sarah Palin was is really sexist!

I’m Out.

I'll be out for the rest of the week, eating. In the meantime, never forget:

Sexism and the “If It Were A Man” Defense

Need a convenient way to evaluate any charge of sexism? Pull out the "If It Were A Man" defense. Here's what you do: Isolate an instance of sexist behavior against a woman. Now, imagine a man is the target of the allegedly sexist scenario. Would the man be treated any differently? If yes, it [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: Sarah Palin Hot Or Not? Edition

Last week, everyone's brain exploded over a couple of Newsweek Sarah Palin covers. One cover, which ran last week, was criticized for depicting the former Alaskan governor as too sexy (left). Another, which ran last year, was criticized for depicting the Republican vice-presidential candidate as not sexy enough (right).
The indignation accompanying the covers—"How dare Newsweek [...]

Why Sarah Palin Is A Better Feminist Than Nancy Pelosi

On the Daily Beast today, Amy Siskind decries Nancy Pelosi as a "feminist nightmare." Why so serious? Because "the House Speaker pushed the Stupak amendment through—then moved to block the woman bidding for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat."
That first point makes sense—feminist women were thrown under the bus in order to pass the health care bill, [...]

Sarah Palin’s Entire Existence Is Sexist

This week's Newsweek cover story, which details all the ways that Sarah Palin is "bad for the GOP—and for everybody else," is accompanied by a compelling stock photo: Palin striking a sassy pose in a pair of well-fitting shorts, courtesy of the former Alaska Governor's August Runner's World photo shoot (thanks to thinkpinkradio for the [...]

Feminists Hate Sarah Palin Because She Lost Her Baby Weight

When Laura Ingraham covered hosting duties for Bill O'Reilly on the O'Reilly Factor last week, she sought out to answer the age-old question: Why do feminists hate Sarah Palin so much? Hmm—I can think of a few reasons. The resulting discussion between Ingraham, Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn, and Republican pollster KellyAnne Conway produced some [...]

Will Your Boyfriend Slap A Porny Sarah Palin Mask On You Tonight?

Still looking for that sexy Halloween costume? If you've been dreaming of dressing as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, except naked and horny for other high-profile female politicians, you are so in luck!

Sexist Beatdown: Palin Family Anecdote or “Paylin” Porn Plot? Edition

Listen up, teens: Guess what happens when you get teen pregnant, you're not allowed to have a smushmortion, and you can't figure out how to secretly swap your fetus into your mother's aging but willing womb. Umm . . . you get rewarded with an eccentric celebrity handler and sexy undies shots in Vanity Fair? [...]

Sarah Palin’s Other Lessons For Feminists

In an American Prospect piece titled "Lessons For Feminists From Sarah Palin," Courtney E. Martin lists the political lessons that feminists can take away from the case of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
Martin, to her credit, stays pretty upbeat on Palin's aftermath, striking three positive notes on Palin's political ascension: she's taught us that "women across [...]