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The Morning After: I’m Not A Feminist But Edition

* NOM's hetero-happy summer bus tour will be shadowed by counter-events organized by Freedom to Marry. The marriage rights group will  respectfully disagree with NOM's "one man, one woman" message at every stop the NOM bus makes. Unfortunately, no actual gay bus will be stalking NOM's anti-gay bus across the highways of this great nation.

An Open Letter to Dumb Sluts

Yesterday, Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote an open letter on Broadsheet to all the "celebrities" who appear in leaked sex tapes. Short version: You are all dumb sluts.
She begins:

Sexist Beatdown: Shut Your Lady Trap And Fellate Me Edition

This week, disabled feminist blogger Annaham wrote a piece about dealing with Internet harassment of the international, televised, celebrity-sanctioned, horrible-death-threat variety.
And Salon writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner wrote a piece about dealing with Internet harassment of the if-you-experienced-PTSD-after-a-traumatic-childbirth-then-you-sound-like-a-bitch-who-just-shouldn't-ever-reproduce variety.
And recently, Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown wrote a piece about dealing with Internet harassment by loudly and publicly [...]

The Morning After: The Brave Suckiness of Ke$ha Edition

Good morning, Sexist readers:
* Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams got me all excited when she titled this post "Fighting for Ke$ha's Right to Suck," because . . . come on, she does. But isn't it interesting how aggressive sucking is pretty much exactly the vibe that  Ke$ha's music is going for? I mean, the woman is auto-tuned within an [...]

Celebrity Hairstylist Andre Chreky Accused of Attempting to Rape Employee

District  celebrity hairstylist Andre Chreky has been trusted to manage the high-profile hairstyles of women like Rita Wilson and Laura Bush in his K Street salon since 1997. When he's not touching famous hair, Chreky has been accused of repeatedly sexually harassing his employees.
This week Chreky was expected to go to trial in his second [...]

Local Car Dealership Promises No Bikini Waxes

Ladies: You prefer Antwerpen Toyota. At least, that's the impression held by the Clarksville, Md. car dealership, which has been circulating the "Ladies prefer" assertion in its advertisements since 2007. In order to keep the ladies happy, the dealership offers up female-friendly extras to waiting customers, including professional manicures, on-site cappuccinos, and pastries.
According to a [...]

The Gender Divide in Mind-Numbing Parenting

Last week on Salon, Aaron Traister admitted that a steady diet of stay-at-home parenting had turned him a bit dull. He writes:
I would love nothing more than to write an insightful article about healthcare reform, but I'm dumb now. Anything I write relating to healthcare would end up as a screed about why my children [...]

Prevent Abortion By Selling Babies!

In this Bloggingheads conversation between BeliefNet's Steven Waldman and Slate's William Saletan, two dudes demonstrate why two dudes should not film themselves talking off-the-cuff about abortion for an hour. They call the segment "Two Men, No Uteruses." Waldman and Saletan putting their headsets together to figure out how to convince women not to be so [...]

“On 9/11, I Think They Hit The Wrong Building” Protester Responds

Today, Mike Madden published a piece on Salon about the conservative tea-bagging parties staged across the country to protest Obama's first Tax Day. In it, Madden quoted Brian Smith, a Greenville, S.C., man who attended the Washington, D.C. Lafayette Park protest while in town on business. Writes Madden:
Another seemingly sedate protester, Brian Smith, a marketer [...]