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The Morning After: Gays on Our Trains Edition

* Via GLAA Forum, The Nation reports on queer youth in juvenile detention facilities.

The Morning After: Peevish Humorless Feminist Edition

* Scientific American's Jesse Bering debunks feminism:

The Morning After: “SUV of Male Privilege” Edition

More from Tiger Beatdown on manlit: This time, Garland Grey on the role of privilege in co-opting Jane Austen, a la Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:
Austen had to work very hard to hammer out a structure and a flow and a rhythm to the story, and you pull up next to that process in [...]

The Morning After: Sex and the City Isn’t Gay Edition

* Zack Rosen at The New Gay on the assumption that gay men love Sex and the City: "assumptions about my relationship to SATC make me about as angry as being called fabulous," he writes. "We’ve all gone on bad dates or slept with someone who never called us [...]

The Morning After: Human Centipede Edition

* Human centipede: It's a thing. A horrible, horrible thing.

The Morning After: “I Agree With Alex Knepper” Edition

What are you smiling about?
Hi, Sexist readers. Welcome to a new daily item, in which I link to the sex-and-gender pieces of note from around the Internets. I'd love to link to what you're reading, as well; file your suggestions here!
* After writing a diatribe against rape victims that begins "I agree with Alex Knepper," [...]

Montgomery College Rape Sparks Concern Over Campus Safety Tips

Last week, a 19-year-old female student was sexually assaulted on Montgomery College's Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus. The hour-long assault occurred in a women's restroom inside the campus performing arts center.
Following the assault, Montgomery College rolled out a comprehensive administrative response across its three campuses. The Takoma Park campus immediately went into a two-hour lock-down. Campus [...]

The Worst Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Ever

The great folks over at SAFER Campus pointed me to the most ludicrous Sexual Assault Prevention information page ever, courtesy of the Valdosta State University police department. Instead of providing valuable information for men and women concerning the most common form of sexual assault on a college campus—acquaintance rape—Georgia-based VSU has published a 13-point victim-blaming [...]