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The Feminist Implications of Male Reproductive Health

As women continue to fight for control over our own bodies, we're also faced with a parallel battle: Advocating for men to share responsibility for the physical, emotional, and financial burdens of reproductive health.
I'm currently working on a story that touches on a lighter side of this problem—sex partners who don't quite understand how your [...]

Does Wearing an Extravagant Condom Belt Mean You’re Down For Sex?

Though the most dedicated rape apologists may disagree, clothing choices like miniskirts, low-cut shirts and high heels are not reliable indicators of a woman's sexual availability. Inanimate objects don't consent to sex; people do. But is there any sartorial choice out there that does announce to the world that the wearer is down to fuck?
Enter [...]

“Birthday Sex” Singer Jeremih Promotes Safe Sex, Self

R&B singer Jeremih, self-proclaimed "Mr. Birthday Sex himself," wants to make sure that D.C. youth remember to have safe sex (and listen to Jeremih's hit single, "Birthday Sex"). In this PSA recorded for the local "Street Wize Foundation," Jeremih inserts some safe-sex messages over the, uh, sex messages of "Birthday Sex."

Could Condom Shame Be Good For Pharmacies?

Pharmacies that keep their condoms in locked cases cite shoplifting as the main rationale for the safe-sex lock-up. When shoppers are ashamed to buy sex-related items, the theory goes, they're more likely to steal them—instead of sheepishly carrying them to the counter. But condom shame could hold a hidden benefit for pharmacies as well: When [...]

“Condoms Are So 1985″

Devon Hunter, a "a career exotic dancer with formal, professional training in dance and theatre," set out on the streets hit the clubs of D.C. last weekend in the hopes of launching a new safe-sex campaign. All the guys he approached thought Devon Hunter—who should call me, by the way—was totally lame.