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Sexist Comments of the Week: Race Dating Edition

Last week, a brief history of racism among participants in the Washington Post Magazine Date Lab inspired some spirited defenses of racial preferences in the boudoir—and some polite rejections of the idea that one's blind date is merely acceptable "for an Asian guy." Let's take a look!:

A Brief History of Date Lab Racism

We know that the vast majority of daters in the Washington Post Magazine's blind date feature, Date Lab, discriminate based on gender. Of the 3,300 potential District daters in the Post's applicant pool, only 9 identify as bisexual—and only one bi woman has actually been set up on a date.
So how many local Date Lab [...]

Straight Lab: The Washington Post’s Date Lab Struggles to Make Gay Dates

On Aug. 1, The Washington Post Magazine’s weekly blind date feature, Date Lab, will print what has become a once-yearly ritual: The gay date.
Every Sunday, the magazine writes up the adventures of two single Washingtonians set up by the Post; after the date, both spill the night’s details to a reporter, [...]

Human Trafficking and the Romantic Narrative

The Washington Area Women's Foundation points to this short video on human trafficking in the United States. One interesting thing to note is how these young women draw comparisons between their entrance into trafficking and cultural narratives surrounding heterosexual romance. "I just thought I was so madly in love with him, and he just made [...]

How Would Copenhagen’s Flirtatious Bus “Love Seats” Work In D.C.?

In Washington D.C., a great deal of sexual harassment is reported within the city's public transit system. But over in Copenhagen, one Danish bus company is concerned that there may be too few bus-based sexual advances in the city. So, in order to "encourage flirtation, smiles, romance and happiness among the city’s [...]

Alexandria, Va. Named Most Romantic City. An Alexandrian Responds.

This week, declared Alexandria, Va. the most romantic city in the United States. What is romance? According to Amazon, it's derived from Amazon sales figures for Barry White CDs, romance novels, romantic comedy DVDs, and "sexual wellness" products. Sex ramps qualify. When Alexandria is ranked number one in something, and Miami is ranked number two, [...]

Valentine’s Day Events That Won’t Make You Hate Yourself

Humans have been celebrating variations on a "Valentine's Day" since the fourth century, when ancient Romans celebrated their mid-February pagan fertility rite. Nowadays, the Valentine's Day tradition persists in order to market shitty ensemble romantic comedies, prod our significant others into buying shitty chocolate, and make single folks feel shitty about themselves. Valentine's Day [...]

Promotional Materials Not to Send Me: Ancient Chinese Valentine Love Secrets

Return to Sender: A press release entitled "Valentine’s/Chinese New Year: more special than ususual!," which proposes a feature story on how you can apply ancient Chinese secrets to your Valentine's Day celebration. Featuring the romantic insights of "expert source on color" Jami Lin, who has "studied the meaning of colors and their influence on the [...]

Sexy Meat Faces Frying Pan

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals may have a monopoly on sexualizing cuts of meat, but it takes a Czech surrealist artist to really romanticize steak. Because I am who I am, I can't help but analyze the traditional mating rituals (and the tragic ending) on display between two cuts of beef in [...]

Sex & the City Paper: The Morning After

After a day of anal ecstacy pills, dropping the soap, underground marriage, historic sexual assaults, pasties for dinner, and half-naked drag queens (more on that later), let us abandon sex for a moment and return to romance—hand-shaking, sheet-ripping, dog-invoking French romance, courtesy of Jacques Brel. That Mathilde sure must be somethin'.