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The Morning After: Mrs. George Clooney Supreme Court Justice Edition

* I really liked this Maureen Dowd column mocking the policing of Kagan's sexuality via a faux Joe Biden e-mail. Dowd as Biden:

Asian Week Lashes Out At Gays Over Robert Wone Case

Last month, Arthur Hu wrote an essay for Asian Week criticizing the mainstream media for not dutifully reporting on the brutal murder of Radio Free Asia reporter Robert Wone. Hu's argument: "No liberal media outlet has as its villains two gay men." Writes Hu:

Who Murdered Robert Wone? Mystery Now a Blog!

Washington, D.C. has been speculating as to the circumstances of Robert Wone's death since the popular local attorney was discovered, unresponsive and with pristine stab wounds to the chest, in a Logan Circle townhouse in August of 2006. Now three men—Michael, David, and Doug—are profiling the case closely through a blog titled "Who Murdered Robert [...]