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Chris Brown Inspires Local Domestic Violence Action

Tonight, a "summit" on a new "domestic violence prevention campaign" will be held at the Union Temple Church at 1225 W St. SE. The summit, put on by the Ward 4 Education Council, "EZ Street" of Radio-One WKYS, Union Temple youth leaders, and WEAVE (Woman Empowered against Violence) is inspired by two recent events: First, [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Rihanna V. Chris Brown Edition

Exhibit A: How not to critique a celebrity domestic violence claim, by Random_J

Welcome back to a weekly collaboration in which, through the magic of Gchat, New York-based blogger Sady of Tiger Beatdown joins D.C.-based me of The Sexist to hash out the most pressing women's issues of the day. This time it was a no-brainer: [...]

The Morning After

The Sexist's morning roundup of District chatter on sex, gender, and Sarah Palin.

* On Slate, Dahlia Lithwick serves Joe Biden with some rules on how to fight a girl. Lithwick, a former parliamentary debater (side-note: totally awesome), gives Biden a frank run-down on how not to lose the Veep debate to Governor Palin. Most of [...]