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Date Lab Race Redux

On the subject of race in the Washington Post Magazine's Date Lab, a former Date Labber weighs in with some insight into some behind-the-scenes engineering on the subject of skin-color (I've edited the remarks slightly for clarity):

Sexist Beatdown: The Withered Genitals of Feminist Dating Edition

In this edition of Feminist Dream Phone Sexist Beatdown, Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown and I help all the hetero feminist ladies out there find a man! There's been some very Serious Feminist Literature written on the subject of Feminist Dating as of late, covering such important topics as establishing a feminist litmus test and [...]

Top 10 Relationship-Ending Lines From Sexist Readers’ Past

Earlier this week, I asked you to give me your worst Relationship-Ending Line—that phrase uttered by your now-ex that foretold the final chapter of your relationship. As it turns out, ya'll have dated people who have said some absurd shit, from the older professor who asked, “do you have anyone to read you love poetry?” [...]

Dr. Laura’s Hyper-Mongamous Tips: No Talking Outside Marriage

It's time for more Dr. Laura YouTube fun! This time, Dr. Laura Schlessinger answers the age-old question: Can (hetero) men and women be "just friends"?

University Sex Columns, Reviewed: Drunken Flirting Edition

The battle for ideological dominance in our nation’s capital’s collegiate sex columns continues. Are our local campus columnists on the forefront of radical sex writing, or are they bringing back the good old days of passive femininity, drunk-flirting double standards, and Jell-O Shot lesbianism?
This week: How to pick up guys sober; when gays and lesbians [...]

It Was A Bad Week For Missed Connections

Sometimes, Craigslist Missed Connections have the power to renew your faith in love-at-first sight. Other times, they will destroy your faith in humanity. This is one of those times.
I don't know what possibly could have happened this week to inspire some of the saddest missed connections that I have ever seen, but it's not my [...]

Advice Columnist Tells Victim She Wasn’t Actually Raped, And Should Have Aborted Her Not-Rape Baby

Daily Telegraph advice columnist Lesley Garner is faced with a doozy of a conundrum this week, a situation so horrible that it could only possibly be made worse by . . . the recommendations of Daily Telegraph advice columnist Lesley Garner!
The situation: "Eva," a married woman, is raped by her boss on a business trip. [...]

Promotional Materials Not to Send Me: Books That Tell Me I’m “Living In a Fantasy World”

Watch Ladies Listen Up! by Stephanie Rockey in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at
Return to Sender: A press release for Stephanie Rockey's new relationship book, Ladies Listen Up!, which aims to explain why today's women are such unhappy failures.

Books You Don’t Want Your Lover to Love

"Books": it's the most dangerous section of a young lover's Facebook profile. A bad favorite novel—whether revealed by accident, or deliberately placed on one's bedside table as an act of intellectual seduction—has the power to put a damper on a once-exciting courtship. I've never stopped seeing someone based on their favorite book, but looking back, [...]

Why Black Women Shouldn’t Go to College

Like The Root blogger Jimi Izrael, I'm pretty sick of the recent spate of stories that paint all black women as overly-ambitious career women, and all black men as uneducated imbeciles—as Izrael puts it, "the story of the hard-working, over-achieving black women being held back by the shiftless watermelon-stealing, generally no-account black man." Unlike Izrael, [...]