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Reader Beatdown: The Pansexual, Polyamorous, BDSM Law School Application


In this edition of Reader Beatdown, Sexist reader and sex activist Martin Quinones talks about how to come out—to law school admissions officers.

I was recently presented with the chance to come out in a way that was risky, honest, and productive. On law school applications, every school asks for a broad personal statement, using a prompt [...]

Reader Beatdown: On “Thick Skin”

New feature alert! Introducing Reader Beatdown, in which Sexist readers respond. The Sexist is lucky to benefit from readers who are also writers. In Reader Beatdown, I'll publish pieces that offer a different take on recent Sexist topics.
First up: Sexist reader and feminist blogger Chloe Angyal responds to Sexist Comments of the Week: [...]