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Why Don’t We Accept Victim-Blaming From Rapists?

Last month, convicted rapist Daniel Katsnelson administered some advice to the two York University students he raped in 2007. After pleading guilty to entering a campus residence, prowling for open doors, and then raping two students, Katsnelson told his parole officer that he hopes the girls learned something from all this:
Katsnelson indicated he hoped his victims [...]

Date Rape Anthems: Anti-Rape Track Gets “Heavy”

The Sexist has been obsessively cataloging songs about rape for some time now, but so far we've only alighted upon one recent track that's clearly against assault: the Raveonettes' "Boys Who Rape (Shall All Be Destroyed)." I don't have another anti-rape track for you, but I do have a cover of "Boys Who Rape"—this time [...]

When Rapists Graduate and Victims Drop Out

According to a a new report from the Center for Public Integrity, many U.S. colleges fail to adhere to federal laws that dictate the school's response after sexual assaults are reported on its campus. "Under Title IX, schools must meet three requirements if they find a sexual assault has occurred: end a so-called "hostile environment"; [...]

Rape Analogy Redux: The “Stroll In The Jungle” Theory

It's about time that this blog begin to address all the incoherent rape analogies that are floating around out there. Previously, we heard from people who believe that rape is like a natural disaster. We'll call this the Hurricane Rape Model: "Under this model, rape is like a hurricane. Everyone agrees that hurricanes are devastating. [...]

Rapists Who Don’t Think They’re Rapists

You know the guy who "accidentally" rapes women? The acquaintance who "misreads" the situation and "goes too far"? The longtime friend who genuinely thought you had consented, and is shocked when you tell him that, no, it was rape? Well, we're not going to take that guy's bullshit anymore. Thomas MacAulay Millar over at the [...]

Rape Prevention Tips From Rapists: Stay Inside Or Die A Horrible Death

Ladies: want to know the secret to not getting raped? According to a rape prevention e-mail circling the Internets, all you have to do is always live in fear of being pulled into a van, violated, mutilated, and left for dead at any moment (also, cut off all your hair).
These rape prevention tips, like all [...]

Date Rape Anthem: Whitest Kids You Know’s “We Gun Make Love”

Date Rape Anthem: Whitest Kids You Know's "We Gun Make Love (Until You Wake Up)"
Relevant Lyrics:
We gon make love until you wake up
We gon make love until you wake up
We gon make love until you wake up
Girl I want you so bad I can’t get enough

Sexist Beatdown: The Caveman Rapists Among Us Edition

Charles Darwin: The rapist's English naturalist?
Iran is uprisen, Michael Jackson is dead, and U.S. governors are taking impromptu trips to Argentina via the Appalachian Trail to cry over "two magnificent parts" of cross-continental pen-pals.
And so, inevitably, we turn to the caveman. Tell us, Newsweek's Sharon Begley, how might we blame ancient cave-people for all bad [...]