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Sexist Comments of the Week

My first foray into Sexist Art History took a look at some sexist interpretations of Judith Leyster's 400-year-old The Proposal (pictured).  Some historians saw the painting as "a powerful image of temptation and resistance." I see it as "a rapey dude in a mustache and a fur hat who ain't gettin' anywhere." What did you [...]

Michael Jackson Date Rape Anthems: Too Soon? Edition

Michael Jackson's death at 50 from cardiac arrest has inspired the entire world to revisit the King of Pop's body of work. And though I'm a huge MJ fan, I'd be remiss in my role as Pop Culture Fun Killer if I didn't point out some defining characteristics of Jackson's music videos: rapey, stalkey, and [...]

Last Week’s Most Popular Blog Posts

The Sexist is out for the weekend, so we're wrapping things up a little early this week. Today, kick off your Memorial Day holiday early by tying on a CockBib, throwing on some denim jeans, and blasting that new Jamie Foxx joint on the radio. Also, the Sexist reached its 1,000th blog post this week, [...]

Jamie Foxx and Rape Vs. “Rapey”

Yesterday, I assembled a Justify Your Date Rape playlist of five popular songs which deal with forcing someone you know to have sex with you. Most of the commenters on the post were arguing over the definition of "date rape"—and whether Jamie Foxx's joint, "Blame It (On the Alcohol)" qualifies (read the lyrics to the [...]