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The Morning After: Porn Binge Edition

* Marnia Robinson begins a recent argument against Internet porn like so: "A few years ago, men from all over the world began arriving in my website’s forum complaining that they were unable to stop using Internet porn. Google had sent them—perhaps because my site shares information about [...]

Sexist Comments of the Week: “Aristophanes Can’t Touch Rand” Edition

This week, Sexist commenters dared to answer the greatest philosophical question of our time: Are Ayn Rand devotees morally and intellectually superior beings, or are they actually just people who spend their time whining in the comments sections of feminist blogs when they could be daring to stamp the world with their boldly phallic architectural [...]

Sexist Beatdown: Atlas Shrugged Will Make All Your Eroticized Fascist Rape Fantasies Come True Edition

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand's 1,000 page allegorical novel about why people who read Atlas Shrugged are superior beings who "welcome" rapes from other superior beings, for that is what all superior beings find sexy, is slated to hit the big screen next year. Directing and starring as the most superior "welcomed" rapist of all, John [...]

The Morning After: Atlas Sucked Edition

* "Atlas Shrugged," the movie, as imagined by Sady Doyle:

When A Rape Fantasy Isn’t

Today, the Frisky's Anouk Collins wrote about her rape. In the story, Collins detailed how, after a fight, her boyfriend, Jacob, forced himself on her without her consent. "As he crawled on top of me, I rather sternly informed him that I didn’t want to have sex with him," she wrote. "To my horror, he [...]

The 5 Sex Listicles That Have Gone Too Far

"It must be the season of the listicle," Susannah Breslin declares today on DoubleX. "Too lazy to write an article, or, heck, even create a charticle, print and online writers turn to the list in an attempt to draw as many list-loving readers as possible," she writes, before parsing's latest vomit, "The Twenty Sexiest [...]

What’s So Bad About Rape Fantasies

I've been struggling for a little while with what exactly I find so annoying about women who harbor fantasies of being raped. Now, thanks to a guy named "Miles Morse," I think I've figured it out!
Generally, the rape fantasy falls under that protected class of private, consensual, adult activity—it's two (or more, whatever) consenting adults [...]