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Sexist Beatdown: The Chat They Didn’t Want You to Read! Edition

Role-playing time! Let's say you're having sex, with a partner, in whatever manner that you both enjoy. And let's say that toward the end of your time together, your partner asks, "Hey, would you mind if I brought several million of our closest friends in here, just to observe this?" And you're like, "Oh, please, [...]

Why Don’t We Accept Victim-Blaming From Rapists?

Last month, convicted rapist Daniel Katsnelson administered some advice to the two York University students he raped in 2007. After pleading guilty to entering a campus residence, prowling for open doors, and then raping two students, Katsnelson told his parole officer that he hopes the girls learned something from all this:
Katsnelson indicated he hoped his victims [...]

Lena Chen on Assault by Photograph

When Lena Chen was a sophomore at Harvard, she started "Sex and the Ivy," a blog devoted to something that most college students do, but few are willing to talk about. On her sex blog, Chen unapologetically aired every taboo of a college student's sex life, from recovering from an eating disorder to recovering a [...]

Fucking While Feminist, With Jaclyn Friedman

Jaclyn Friedman is, in short, a feminist rock star. She is the executive director of  WAM!: Women, Action & the Media. She edited the incredible Yes Means Yes!: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape, and continues the work of dismantling rape culture in her weekly pro-sex column. She writes as compellingly about [...]

Date Rape Anthem: Ke$ha’s “Blah Blah Blah”

Date Rape Anthem: Up next in our date-rape anthem series: Ke$ha's "Blah Blah Blah," a track about how Ke$ha just wants to fuck you—not fucking listen to you! (Thanks to Heartless Doll for bringing this track to my attention).
Relevant Lyrics:

“The Campus Rape Myth”: Rape Isn’t Real, Therefore College Students Shouldn’t Have Sex

Confession time, readers: My brain has been cloudy for the better part of this week, thanks to a mystery illness I dredged up at the Washington City Paper Tweet-up. Dang you, Tweet-up, for making me ill, and forcing me to invoke "Tweet-up" as if it were a real word!
But today, my brain officially exploded, courtesy [...]

Victims Vs. Sluts: Hofstra’s False Rape and the Media

Last week's false rape accusation at Hofstra University has inspired a media storm unparalleled by most actual rape cases. The feeding frenzy has produced some helpful discussion—check out Emily Bazelon's piece at Slate for a thoughtful dissection of rape, sex, feminism, and the law—and a whole lot of unbridled misogyny.In "Crying wolf really hurts [...]

Name That Consent Porn!

Kids today are taking more sexual cues from Internet porn, GQ reports. Parents are frightened because their teenagers are gang-banging and ejaculating on each others' faces. GQ is disappointed because its aged readership can't get in on the fun. Personally, I'm pretty freaked out that "Travis and Cody, typical 21-year-old college students in Florida," find [...]

Tucker Max Too Sexist For Ad Space?

According to one employee from an ad network solicited by Tucker Max, everyone's favorite rape culture scholar has been shopping around some ads for "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" based on his fratty "fact" catchphrases. Sample Tucker Max "facts": "Sexism isn’t the same as misogyny, you stupid bitch," and "The best thing about [...]

The Rapiest Quotes From “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell”

Last month, Tucker Max's cross-country movie premiere tour hit Raleigh, where students from the North Carolina State Women's Center were on hand to protest the screening. Max's people, predictably, had some anti-feminist fun with it, and posted the video online. In the video, Max sends out his minion to interview the protesters while masquerading as [...]