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Vintage Victim-Blaming: Feminism Causes Rape, and Other Crime Prevention Tips

Explanations I've heard, in 2010, for why rape happens to the people it happens to: Women don't lock their doors, women wear revealing clothing, women wear sexually suggestive footwear, women take the stairs, women walk outside alone, women drink too much. What I don't generally hear stated aloud is the assumption behind most of these [...]

Rape Analogy: The “Walking in a Bad Neighborhood” Theory

Last week, several commenters on this blog suggested that wearing a short skirt is like walking alone in a bad neighborhood—it's an unsafe behavior that makes women more vulnerable to sexual assault. I live in a neighborhood that has been dismissed by some as a "bad neighborhood." So when I see comparisons to sexual assault [...]

Rape Analogy Redux: The “Stroll In The Jungle” Theory

It's about time that this blog begin to address all the incoherent rape analogies that are floating around out there. Previously, we heard from people who believe that rape is like a natural disaster. We'll call this the Hurricane Rape Model: "Under this model, rape is like a hurricane. Everyone agrees that hurricanes are devastating. [...]