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Tonight: Sexist On the Radio

Tonight, I have the honor of appearing on WPFW's monthly LGBT radio program, "Inside Out." I'll be talking about some recent LGBT coverage on the Sexist, from terminology disputes to wedding industry turf wars to same-sex marriage turncoats. I'll also be chatting for an entire hour about this stuff, so help me out! Got any [...]

How Censoring “No Homo” Will Help Hip-Hop

Listening to Hot 99.5 yesterday, I was interested to hear the radio station bleep out the latest trend in hip-hop homophobia: "no homo." "No homo," for the uninitiated, is a little piece of wordplay which works to neutralize any potentially "gay" interpretations of a rapper's lyrics. For a full review of the term, check [...]

Far-Right Anti-Abortion Group Harasses Other Far-Right Anti-Abortionists

What do far-right anti-abortion conservatives do while Democrats busy themselves in Congress and the White House with the economic crisis? They harass each other for not being far enough right and anti-abortion enough.
This time, it's the American Right to Life Action group repeatedly harassing Ann Coulter for her support of Mitt Romney, who is [...]