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The Morning After: Victim-Blame TV Edition

* Nancy Schwartzman talks about having her rape debated on camera for a potential new "feminist" series:

West Point Grad Tells On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

West Point graduate Lt. Dan Choi appeared on the Rachel Maddow show in March, announced he was gay, had his audio swiftly cut off, reappeared on the show the next day, then received a letter announcing he was out for "telling."
This is the letter the military sends you when you admit you're gay:
This is to [...]

Americans May Resume Teabagging With Testicles Today

It's April 16, which means we can all resume teabagging by putting balls in our mouths instead of protesting taxes or whatever Republican dudes who are not secretly self-hating homosexuals did yesterday.
But oh, it was funny while it lasted. Let's relive the jokes, shall we?
Anderson Cooper: "It's hard to talk when you're teabagging."
Rachel Maddow and [...]

Homophobic Commentary of the Day

From a Newsbusters post on Rachel Maddow hosting the Cable Positive Power Awards ceremony honoring HIV/AIDS educators comes this comment, courtesy of "urbuggenme":
I am a respectable redneck, bigoted, racist, gay bashing homophobe, democrat slamming, liberal trashing, ACLU cussing, gun toting, Muslim hating, SUV driving – gas guzzling, cigarette smoking by the No Smoking sign, beer [...]

Who Is The Most Clueless Member of the View?

At first, I was incapable of explaining my love for ABC daytime talk show The View. Aren't all the women on the show vaguely clueless? Then I realized—No. They are all awesomely, mesmerizingly clueless in their own special way, and this is why I love them.
But who is the most clueless of all?