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Rock Your Ass, Dick, And/Or Boobs Off. Free!

Attention Sexist readers: The good folks over at The New Gay want ya'll on their dance floor, so they're giving away two pairs of tickets to the District's "coed, trans-inclusive, straight-friendly alternative queer dance party," Homo/Sonic. The party, held this Friday on the Black Cat Mainstage, is sponsored by alt.dc.pride, which is producing a whole [...]

Fighting LGBT Domestic Violence

The D.C.-based WEAVE, or Women Empowered Against Violence, has launched a new campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence for an LGBT audience. "Show Me Love, DC!," the campaign's online component, includes statistics about the problem, discussions about healthy relationships, and legal resources for the LGBT community.
Some stats that illustrate the need for Show Me [...]

The Morning After: Human Centipede Edition

* Human centipede: It's a thing. A horrible, horrible thing.

The Morning After: Reasons I Skip My Period Edition

* I am one of those magical unicorns who suppresses her period with hormonal birth control. I do this for three reasons:

Cash In Your Prejudice at the Transgender Bank!

In this advertisement for an Argentinian bank, some old dude apologizes to a transgender woman for "treating her badly all this time." Why? Because the same bank that gave her a loan to start up her hair salon also gave him the loan for his car. This "made him think." As an apology, he gifts [...]

Why Sex Positivity is Bad for Feminism

The Visions in Feminism conference, an annual feminist symposium held at American University, has chosen its 2009 keynote speaker: Annie Sprinkle (right) a porn-star-cum-academic who claims to be "the first porn star to get a Ph.D." She is also the creator of such titles as "Hardcore from the Heart: The Pleasures, Profits and Politics of [...]

Gay Guerillas Descend on Straight Bar, Possibly for Last Time

Beers for queers: Not just in gay bars anymore
This week, Metro Weekly reported on three local gay social activists who have been organizing a monthly "Guerilla Queer Bar" in D.C. for the past five years. The concept is simple: Get a bunch of gay people together, descend upon a traditionally straight bar, and declare "We're [...]