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Give Us Your Riot Grrrl Memories

Does the legacy of Riot Grrrl live on in your District of Columbia? Tell it to Sara Marcus and Cat Tyc, currently planning a video installation on riot grrrl called "Girls to the Front" to accompany Marcus' upcoming book of the same name. Marcus and Tyc are looking for people of all genders and ages [...]

Date Rape Anthem: The Gits’ “Spear & Magic Helmet” (With Help From Bugs Bunny)

Date Rape Anthem: The Gits' "Spear & Magic Helmet," our first anti-rape anthem inspired by the Looney Tunes set. Thanks to commenter basketcasey for the tip.

Date Rape Anthem: 7 Year Bitch’s “Dead Men Don’t Rape”

OK. It's about time these Date Rape Anthems got down to serious business:
Date Rape Anthem: 7 Year Bitch's "Dead Men Don't Rape," another in our anti-rape anthem series, obviously. Thanks to commenter Shannon Drury for the tip.