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Anti-Abortion Activist Gets Arrested, Attention

It's 11 a.m. on Tuesday, and anti-abortion activist Reverend Pat Mahoney has arrived at Washington, D.C.'s downtown Planned Parenthood health center with the intention of getting arrested. But first, he has to warm up the crowd.

The Fred Phelps Counter-Protest In Photos: Vaginas Nom Nom Nom

Today, the much-anticipated Fred Phelps counter-protest finally came to fruition—albeit a couple of hours after Phelps' homophobia parade got going. City Paper photog Darrow Montgomery was on-hand to document the results. (See all of Darrow's photos of D.C. gay marriage day here).
Below, counter-protesters utilize the Burger King Guy, God Hates [Blank], and unclear messages about [...]

How to Effectively Protest Fred Phelps

Tomorrow, Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting the first day of same-sex marriage in the District. Why? Well, because "God hates fags! God hates fag-enablers! Ergo, God hates District of Columbia, all of DOOMED america, and the World! You've turned the country over to the fags; now your [...]

Tucker Max Fans Fight Rape With Racism

Tucker Max's message board has launched a Photoshop competition for the best reimagined protest signs from the "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" protests. Creative Max devotees are working off images from the film tour's photostream in order to ridicule students from the NC State women's center, which staged a Raleigh protest of the [...]

The “Kill Fags” Lady Can’t Pee In D.C.

The Awl's coverage of Saturday's "Tea Bagger" health care protest in Washington produced an interesting little anecdote out of Penn Quarter Sports Tavern: A bar manager telling a woman with "Kill Fags" t-shirt to piss elsewhere.
How long ago was it that a black woman would be denied entrance to a whites-only restroom? Well, at one [...]

The Rapiest Quotes From “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell”

Last month, Tucker Max's cross-country movie premiere tour hit Raleigh, where students from the North Carolina State Women's Center were on hand to protest the screening. Max's people, predictably, had some anti-feminist fun with it, and posted the video online. In the video, Max sends out his minion to interview the protesters while masquerading as [...]

G.W. ROTC Student Earns White House Protest

Hey! Liberals protesting Obama's White House! The George Washington University's Allied in Pride chapter assumed the cause of sophomore Todd Belok on Saturday, leading 60 students to protest in front of 1600 Penn. Last semester, Belok was dismissed from the G.W. Navy ROTC program after two fellow ROTC members witnessed Belok kissing another man in [...]